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Potential to Powerhouse: Success Secrets for Women Entrepreneurs

Apr 21, 2021

Richelle Parham is an American marketer and the former Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for eBay. Richelle opens up to Tracy about her journey and what eventually led to her career with eBay. Richelle discusses the significance of workplace culture, and how she wants to ensure that her legacy is a story of passion and inspiration. Tune in as Richelle explains why staying too long at one job may set you back financially. Making professional moves can lead to more income. In addition, Tracy and Richelle chat about the importance of creating change for women and people of color in the investing space. 

In This Episode:

  • [06:40] Richelle opens up about her background. 
  • [18:10] How Richelle’s path led her to big-name places like AT&T, Digitas, and eBay. 
  • [22:35] What it was like being the only person of color in a boardroom. 
  • [34:20] About the legacy that Richelle left at eBay.  
  • [39:30] When you stay somewhere for too long, you may not realize that you are getting grossly underpaid. 
  • [45:50] Richelle never expected to be on the investing side of things; she talks about reveals how she landed in the investment space. 
  • [51:15] How Richelle wants to create change for women and people of color as an investor and as a business builder. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Every day you're building your legacy; every day, someone is going to tell the story of you. 
  • Staying at a job for too long can actually lose you money – make sure you are not underpaid!
  • As women, we should not assume that we are getting paid enough – demand more from your job! 
  • Institutional investors must help close the race and gender gap. 


“Every day, someone is going to tell the story of you. What do you want that story to be?”

“So the benefit I have as a marketer is I tell stories.”


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